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About Us

Riftha Hall is a dynamic and expansive indoor facility that can accommodate a wide range of events and meetings. As you go into the hall, you are impressed by its majesty and overwhelming proportions. The venue oozes enthusiasm and expectation, ready to welcome a wide audience for a variety of events. Riftha Hall consists of the best luxury marriage hall, the luxury reception hall, the conference hall, the meeting hall, the exhibition hall, and the community hall. The seating arrangement of Riftha Hall has been meticulously constructed to comfortably accommodate a large number of attendees. The most luxurious auditorium in Kannur is Riftha Hall. Tiered seating gradually rises from the front to the rear, ensuring that everyone has a clear view of the centre stage or performance space. If you have an anniversary, engagement, or birthday, our best party hall is also suitable for those events. The comfortable chairs are organised in such a way that the audience feels a feeling of community, allowing you to share your experiences with others who share your interests. Best event management in Kannur.

our passion

Being a one of it's kind Multipurpose Hall in the malabar region, Riftha Hall is all set to redefine the concept of celebrations of varied nature.Wedding receptions,conferences,buisiness meets,art and entertainment events,-what ever the function,-Riftha hall is an ideal destination.
Everything changes,so does the way we meet together and celebrate.Riftha Hall has been designed with meticulous attention to the minute details.

our company

The RifthaHall is one of the best auditoriums in Kerala and is located at Manna,Kannur. And is designed for various events like weddings,engagements,meetings,conferences,etc.we offer you the best in comfort, elegant and services. We takes care of all the needs of its guests. In any of the family a relaxed atmosphere awaits you at our beautiful world.

our mission

After giving a thought about our various client needs,Riftha Hall has been designed to meet everyone's needs.With a seating capacity of 1,000,of which the AC dining hall alone can host upto 500 guests at a time.For the young selfie generation,Riftha provides stunning Photobooth facilities to make the event even more memorable.Being a one-of-it's kind Multipurpose Hall, riftha is all set to change the course of our celebrations.

We provide you the best and quality services. We offer a state of the art facility at prices affordable to all.

Located at the heart of Kannur.Only 800 meters from valapattanam.6.8 Km from Kannur Town.

Beautiful, eco-friendly,multi-use and awesome green ambience with high-end waste management system.